Exclusive Glossary Hinduism/Spirituality
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Acharya (Spiritual teacher)
Adhyatma (Study of Atman, the Innerself)
Agni (Fire)
Aham (Ego)
Anadi Kaal (State of Timelessness)
Antaratma (Innerself)
Aparigriha (Non Covetousness of the wife of another)
Atman (Soul)
Atmanubhooti (Experience of the Self)
Brahmacharya vrat (Vow of Celibacy)
Brahman (Creator of the Cosmos)
Brahmaand (Cosmos)
Daan (Alms)
Dharma ... A must read
Dukkha (Sadness)
Gita (Bhagvad Gita)
Jiva (Being)
Jnana (Cosmic Wisdom, Eternal Knowledge)
Kaal (Cosmic time factor)
Kalpa vriksha (the Wishing Tree)
Kama (Sensuous feeling)
Karta (Creator)
Kevala Jnana (Absolute Knowledge)
Krodha (Anger)
Lingam (the erect penis)
Maya (Ignorance)
Meditation (Yoga in Hindi)
Moha (Deep emotional attachment
Moksha (Salvation)
Mrityu (Death)
Namaskar (Bowing)
Naraka (Hell)
Nimitta (Predestined course of life)
Nirvikalpa Samadhi (State of Absolute nothingness)
Niyati (Predestined)
Paapi (Committer of sin)
Parmanand (State of Ecstasy)
Pralaya (End of the Cosmos)
Punarjanma (Rebirth)
Pundit (Priest)
Samvad (Dialogues)
Sanatana Purusha (the Almighty Creator)
Shama (Forgiveness)
Shaswat (Since times immemorial)
Shetra (Cosmic region)
Shraddha (Absolute Faith in God)
Shreshtha (Better amongst individuals)
Sukkha (Happiness)
Svadhyaya (Self discipline)
Swarga (Heaven)
Tapasvi (Mystic)
Tej (Ambrosia)
Tyaagi (Forsaker)
Vaasna (Sensuous Feelings)
Vachan (Promise)
Vayu (Air)
Vedanta (End of Vedas)
Videha Shetra (Cosmic Regions in space)
Yoga (The Spiritual path)


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